Festivals in Croatia 2021

A detailed, updated list of all confirmed festivals in Croatia in 2021.

Coronavirus pandemic has cancelled or postponed the majority of Croatian festivals in 2020. So far, most of the festival organizers have announced the dates for 2021 editions. These dates are usually similar to the ones in previous years. As for the lineups, they are still a work in progress for most festivals. As the 2021 approaches, more and more artists will be announced. Since there are numerous festivals in Croatia, we have created a full list of festivals in Croatia in 2021 for easy navigation. Even if you have strict plans about which festivals to visit, maybe this list will inspire you to attend other events in Croatia. Festivals are divided by region and by month. Make sure to check the map of festivals at the end of the post.

Croatian Festivals By Region

We have divided festivals by each region, so you can see better where each of them takes place. Dalmatia region covers everything from Dubrovnik to Zadar area. The Istria & Kvarner region is located in the northwest part of the country. And other festivals which don’t take place on the coast, we’ve put those in the mainland section. 

Dalmatia Region

Dalmatia is the most popular Croatian region, as the largest number of tourists visits its islands and cities. No wonder most festivals are located in this region. 

Barrakud FestivalBlast FestivalDekmantel Selectors
Defected CroatiaDimensions FestivalFibra Festival
Fresh Island FestivalGoulash Disko FestivalGraffiti na Gradele
Hard Island CroatiaHideout FestivalHospitality on the Beach
Kula Kula FestivalLove InternationalMars Island Festival
Membrain FestivalOutlook FestivalRegius Festival
Seasplash FestivalSonus FestivalSunceBeat
Šakan FestivalTam Tam FestivalUltra Europe
Moondance Festival

Istria Region

Due to its position, Istria is a very popular region in regards to festival organization. Majority of Istrian festivals were located in Pula. However, a lot of festivals were relocated to other parts of the coast. Nonetheless, it’s just a matter of time when Istria will return its position among most desirable festival locations.

Croatian Summer Salsa FestivalImpulse FestivalLighthouse Festival
Rise Up FestivalSea Star FestivalTear It Up!!


Croatian has over 1000 islands, so it’s no surprise they welcome dozens of music festivals. Pag Island and its Zrce Beach is the most popular destination, but there are several other islands where festivals are hosted.

Barrakud FestivalDekmantel SelectorsFreeMental Festival
Fresh Island FestivalGoulash Disko FestivalGraffiti na Gradele
Hard Island CroatiaHideout FestivalMars Island Festival
Sonus FestivalTam Tam Festival


Croatia has a lot more to offer than just a beautiful sea, plenty of sun and hundreds of islands. In fact, a lot of festivals in the summer are held in the mainland. Zagreb is the leader in that category, with several other festivals held in smaller cities. Even without the sea, you can still find ways to enjoy your stay in the mainland cities, when there’s not so much crowd around.

Ferragosto JamForestlandInMusic Festival
Mystic Mountain ExperienceMoDem FestivalPannonian Challenge
ŠpancirfestValhalla FestivalZagreb Beer Fest
We Love Sound FestivalWake the LakeFuture Sound Of Zagreb

Croatian Festivals By Month

Below is the list of all Croatian festivals grouped by month. If the festival overlaps over two different months, we’ve taken a start date as an orientation.

Festivals in May

Festivals in June

Festivals in July

  • Croatian Summer Salsa Festival
  • Dimensions Festival
  • Fibra Festival
  • Forestland
  • Fresh Island Festival
  • Graffiti Na Gradele
  • Hard Island Croatia
  • Hospitality On The Beach
  • Love International
  • Moondance Festival
  • Outlook Festival
  • Regius Festival
  • Rise Up Festival
  • Seasplash Festival
  • Suncebeat
  • Tam Tam Festival
  • Ultra Europe

Festivals in August

  • Barrakud Festival
  • Blast Fest
  • Defected Croatia
  • Dekmantel Selectors
  • Ferragosto Jam
  • Kula Kula Festival
  • Mars Island Festival
  • Membrain Festival
  • Modem Festival
  • Pannonian Challenge
  • Šakan Festival
  • Sonus Festival
  • Špancirfest
  • Wake The Lake

Festivals in September

  • Goulash Disko Festival

Croatian Festivals Map

Below is the map with location for all festivals in Croatia in 2021. Click on the menu in the upper right corner for more information.

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