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Croatian event industry stands up for itself

The event industry in Croatia has recently joined global initiative Red Alert

The Red Alert initiative raises awareness of a crisis which affected the entire event industry. Therefore, thousands of locations around the world were “painted” in red, among them Pula Arena and Zagreb Arena. There are over 2000 businesses with more than 12.000 employees in the Croatian event industry. Most of them lost their jobs or are unable to do it because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The experts say it would take at least another year before the industry starts rolling again. That’s why it’s important to adopt necessary measures and prevent the entire industry from collapsing.

Each live event, be it small or large, has something in common. People are the most important mechanism of this live organism called the event. Producers, audio engineers, lighting designers, audio-video technicians, video editors, stagehands, runners, roadies, stage managers…without them events couldn’t be organized. Coronavirus affected concerts, festivals, theaters, fairs, congresses and numerous other events which cannot work at all, or which work with restrictions and drastically reduced capacities.

Croatian event industry generates about 600 million Euros of revenues. Pandemic has cancelled most events in the country. After 6 months of stagnation, the situation is not getting any better. Without any revenues and with enormous losses, the entire industry is collapsing.

We are unable to do what we love and are the best at. Our skills and knowledge are respected within the industry, but outside of it don’t mean much. Now is the time when we, people behind the curtain, have to stand in front of it and raise our voices. We’re here and we need help and support. Without it, it’s questionable if we’re gonna be there once live events return. That is why we joined the initiative, to inform the government and the public about our situation.

Zoran Biskupic

The Music Managers Association has sent the government a proposal with the most important measures meant to save Croatian event industry. The proposal is based on what Associations from other European countries did:

  • Extending the financial measures for event-industry related jobs till March 2021
  • New, favorable credits for businesses in the event industry
  • Lowering the taxes on tickets to 5%
  • Minimization of unjustified COVID-19 measures directed at live events
  • Forming of a fond which would help event marketing teams

Every live event means nothing without the audience. That is why organizers and friends of the Red Alert initiative have come up with #WeMakeEvents hashtag. Whether you are working in the event industry, or you just enjoy going to live events, use this hashtag and post pictures of you attending festivals, concerts or other live events.

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