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The Prodigy coming to Seastar festival 2023

“World music giants The Prodigy are coming to the fifth, jubilant Sea Star! The Umag festival in the Stella Maris lagoon will host the most important electro punk band of all time and on May 19th and 20th, 2023, it will energetically launch the new festival and tourist season. Sea Star has thus entered the schedule of one of the most sought-after global tours of 2023 and stands alongside leading festivals in Europe such as EXIT, Mad Cool, Nova Rock and others. Tickets for Sea Star go on sale today at noon at a gift price of 229 kn with 50% off, which will be valid only until Thursday, December 22, until the end of the day.

The band that has been the trigger for planetary madness for electronic sound for decades, with its songs “Firestarter”, “Breathe”, “Smack My Bitch Up”, “Voodoo People”, “No Good (Start The Dance)” and many others, has created musical history and an entire genre, but marked the upbringing of generations all over the world. They had a special connection with our region. They were the first headliners of Sea Star, they really wanted to include the Umag festival in their new tour, while the connection with the EXIT festival is one of the biggest music stories of our time. They will bring their concert spectacle and boundless energy to the largest stages as part of their world tour in 2023, which they announced with the words “Get ready for the new wave of fire!!!”.

When we launched Sea Star in 2017, the plan was to set it up as one of the most important festivals of our region in five years, and we invited Prodigy to help us “launch” it. Circumstances wanted that the fifth, jubilant edition comes only in the seventh year, but the first headliners are exactly what all the big festivals in the world would want to see on their line-up. Prodigy chose and selected our Sea Star, showing that our mission has succeeded, but also that the connections with the EXIT team are strong and eternal,” said Sanjin Đukić, director of Sea Star.

The Prodigy and the Sea Star festival have written a joint history; the band caused absolute madness at the first edition of this festival in 2017, launched Sea Star as one of the leading festivals of the Mediterranean, and set Umag on the map of the best European festival destinations. It is a performance that the band itself declared one of the best on their then-tour and still today is among the top of all performances at all four editions of Sea Star. The band is still led by founder, author of most songs, one of the most creative musicians of our time and the creator of the electronic punk genre Liam Howlett. Next to him is Maxim, a powerful MC and one of the most charismatic frontmen of the entire music scene.”

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