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Survival of festivals depends on local communities

On the occasion of Ambasador Awards nominations, local communities in Rijeka, Sibenik, Novalja and Osijek gave their comments about the importance of supporting the EDM festivals. All of them agree that their backing is extremely important for growth of the festivals.

Festivals in Croatia have stimulated employment in the creative and cultural industry, which Ambasador recognizes each year. Ambasador is more than an award, since its inception in 2016, it has grown into a community of over 300 professionals. All of them are working on a platform which supports new projects, programs and authors. Each year, the awards are given to best festivals, clubs, musicians and destinations, thereby involving EDM music in the center of Croatian culture.

Croatia is at the top of the best festivals destinations in the world. Several surveys show that festival tourism is an industry worth over 2 billion Euros globally. Therefore it’s no wonder festivals in Croatia keep popping up. Numbers show that more than 200.000 people from over 150 countries visit Croatian festivals each summer. And that number is increasing rapidly. The support from local governments and tourist boards has led to creating new successful festival destinations such as Novalja, Sibenik and TIsno. 

The administration of Rijeka Tourist Board supports these initiatives:

We are extremely happy to be the hosts of Ambasador Awards which will take place in Rijeka. The city has been supportive of festivals for years, especially EDM whose 12 nominated projects have foundations in Rijeka. Besides EDM, Rijeka is host to similar events and organizations. That is why, at this year’s Carnival DJ session, we’ve collaborated with European Capital of Culture, bringing the Irish DJ from Galway. Congratulations to all nominees and organizers, and welcome to Rijeka!

Petar Skarpa, Rijeka Tourist Board

Novalja and Zrce beach are the best examples of attractive and dynamic festival destinations. The main cause of getting here in summer are festivals and the development of the EDM scene in the past 15 years. Therefore, festivals’ influence on tourism is powerful, which not only affects the region, but also the image of Croatia as an attractive festival destination.

Marina Šćiran Rizner, Novalja Tourist Board

Sonus festival is among nominees for best Open Air festival. It has won the award in 2017, 2018 and 2019:

Out of top 50 EDM artists, 40 of them perform at Sonus with guests from over 80 countries coming to Novalja. That is why it’s crucial to offer the visitors quality content, which Sonus has been doing for years. Of course, support of the local communities, tourist boards and other subjects is of extreme importance. 

Marina Šćiran Rizner, Novalja Tourist Board

12 projects and artists from Sibenik and the Garden Tisno have been nominated for Ambasador Awards. Seasplash festival is nominated for best festival by domestic promoters. The event takes place on Martinska beach near Sibenik. In the category of Best Boutique festival, 4 events from Garden Tisno are nominated: Defected Croatia, Dekmantel Selectors, Love International Festival and SunceBeat Festival.

The EDM scene is extremely important for Croatian tourism and Croatia as a tourist destination. The country has developed a reputation as a host of numerous world-class festivals. Sibenik, which is evolving rapidly, is proud of its cultural program and manifestations. There are several EDM festivals in our program, taking place on very attractive locations, and bringing lots of young people. Ambasador Award is a recognition and a stimulus to organizers and everyone else involved in the scene.

Dino Karađole, Sibenik Tourist Board

11 projects from Osijek area have received Ambasador nominations:

I was glad to hear that 11 artists and projects from Osijek have received nominations. Osijek is the city which encourages talented people and projects laku Trauma, which will bring new value to the city’s music scene. The EDM scene has a quality and an audience even in the eastern parts of the country. Congratulations to all nominees and, of course, good luck in the future endeavors.

Boris Piližota, Osijek deputy mayor

Source: Ambasador.hr

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