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Over 10 thousand people attend festivals in Martinska

This summer over 10 thousand people from Croatia and other European countries have visited Martinska beach in Sibenik.

Coronavirus pandemic has made the second season of festivals in Martinska somewhat difficult. However, long standing experience of project coordinators Pozitivan Ritam has helped prepare the location as best as possible. Project Martinska was started in 2019, in partnership with the city of Sibenik. In 2020, organizers of Sibenik’s independent music scene got together once again. The project exceeded all expectations, as seen by numerous positive reactions by the audience and critics. Festival’s organisation, quality of offerings and location were especially praised.  In the span of 6 weeks, from July 16 2020 to 23 August 2020, 6 different events were organized. These festivals are as follows: 18th edition of Seasplash festival, dedicated to bass & sound system, followed by a reborned Ši Gitarijada festival, which promoted contemporary Croatian bands. Third week of the project hosted Slurp! Festival, after which a mini rave edition of Membrain festival took place. Blast fest and Martinska Punk closed the summer season in Sibenik.

Despite the ongoing pandemic and numerous restrictions, these 6 festivals were a success. That’s why organizers already started making plans for the next year. Some festivals have already announced their dates for 2021. Organizers of the Martinska project sent their gratitude to all visitors and associates which made these events happen. 

Sources: Gloria.hr & Cromoda

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