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Sea Dance gives free tickets for Sea Star Festival

Coronavirus pandemic has postponed or cancelled numerous festivals across Europe. Therefore, the organizers are finding new ways of keeping the existing customers.

That is why Sea Dance, a sisterly festival to Sea Star, is giving special discounts and actions for everyone who purchased tickets for 2020. Sea Dance is a festival in Montenegro, but operates under the same umbrella as Seastar in Croatia and Exit festival in Serbia. Basically every festival in the world is trying to get visitors to keep their tickets for 2021. That is of crucial importance for every live event, as it makes it easier for organizers to arrange new artists, sponsors, venues and so on.

The Sea Dance festival in Montenegro has not yet announced new dates and performers for 2021, but they plan to do it soon. Everyone who already purchased a ticket for Sea Dance 2020 can keep it for next year, plus win certain awards. Full refund of the tickets is also possible.

The organizers emphasize the advantages of keeping the already purchased tickets. First reason is money savings. If you take the refund but later change your mind, that will be more expensive than just keeping a 2020 ticket for next year.

Additionally, everyone who keeps their 2020 Sea Dance ticket gets the FREE TICKET for Sea Star festival 2021 in Umag. Also, by keeping their tickets, visitors can win some of the several awards, such as backstage tour at Sea Dance, free camping, an upgrade to VIP ticket or merchandise package. Another award is a lifelong ticket for the Sea Dance festival. Everyone with a 2020 ticket also gets a 20% discount for all festival merch. If however, you cannot attend Sea Dance in 2021, getting a refund is possible (for festival tickets, accommodation and transport). Refunding process starts on October 1st 2020 and ends on October 15th 2020.

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