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A new festival coming to Split this summer

More than 180 thousand visitors are expected to arrive in the country’s second-largest city

Split will be a favorite gathering place for electronic music lovers this summer. After the Ultra Music Festival in early August, city beach Žnjan will become a big stage. A press conference was held today in Split on the occasion of the presentation of festival events during the summer in Croatia, more precisely in Pula and Split, organized by the world’s leading promotional companies ALDA and Insomniac. 

The conference was attended by the Deputy Mayor of Split Antonio Kuzmanić, President of Uniline Boris Žgomba, Director of the Tourist Board of Split Alijana Vukšić, Allan Hardenberg Executive Director and Co-Founder of ALDA, and State Secretary of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports Tonči Glavina.

“The festival will be located in Žnjan, the exact location is from the beach for the disabled to the beach for dogs. We have been working on this for more than 6 months. I think this, in addition to another festival we have in Split, is an additional incentive for our tourism” said the Deputy Mayor of Split Antonio Kuzmanić.

“Details of the festival in Istria are more or less known. It remains to be announced in the coming weeks what will await us with Pula at music festival locations throughout the Istrian peninsula. When it comes to the event in Split, we will not give details The local and world public will be pleasantly surprised. In any case, Split is expecting a spectacle they have never experienced. We will inform you in the coming weeks. All the details are organizationally known and arranged, and the music event we are preparing will be extremely attractive. due to the performers who will perform, but also the fact that this will certainly bring Croatia into the focus of interest of the music audience at the global level “said Allan Hardenberg, CEO and co-founder of ALDA.

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“This is a unique event. We believe that through a music festival and promotion it is a quality thing. And that it should be insisted on and that it does a lot of good to Croatia. In Split we have a history of such events that completely changed the tourist view of Split. that what we are doing now will not go in that direction. ” 

About 100,000 people are expected at the festival in Pula on different days of the festival, and about 180,000 people in Split. The director of the Tourist Board of the City of Split, Alijana Vukšić, also took part in the conference for media representatives on the occasion of the presentation of festival events during the summer in Croatia, more precisely in Split and Pula.

“Split has proven many times that it can be a good host for such big events. We are glad that foreign investors have recognized the possibility of investing in our city. Such big events add value to our tourism product, and when we know we will get extremely good marketing we are waiting for the new festival to start, “Vuksic said. After the introductory words of the representatives of the organizers, the Secretary of State of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the Republic of Croatia Tonči Glavina addressed the audience, emphasizing that Croatia is further strengthening its already recognized reputation as a cultural and festival destination. 

“Croatia and Split have shown that they are very global destinations for entertainment tourism and music. This is just a confirmation, so not only are these projects welcome but I am sure there will be more. It is our national, regional and local direction to host “We are expecting a very good tourist season, in the circumstances we are in. We have been in crisis for three years, and our tourism is showing resilience. The proof is, among other things, the organization of this event in Split and Pula” Glavina said.

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