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Update on Ultra Europe festival 2021

The organizers of the largest Croatian music festival, Ultra Europe, have spoken about the plans, and the event which should take place in Split, in Mid-July.

Joe Bašić, the main person in the organization, has stated: “There is new information COVID-19 information every day, which is why we, as professionals, can not confirm or deny anything about Ultra Europe. Moreover, we can not make any decisions about the festival without consulting the city of Split”

However, he emphasized that he expects the “explosion in the event business” after the Coronavirus situation is gone. “It is still early for any conclusions, I believe that within the next 60 days we will have a clearer picture, and better assumption about whether Ultra Europe could be held in 2021”, he continued.

In the current pandemic world, his hands are tied: “As responsible organizers, we are closely monitoring other events, while also cooperating with the government which is responsible for giving instructions and measures for public safety. At the international level, we are cooperating with several groups that work on solutions regarding the organization of future festivals. These things include topics like COVID passports and fast PCR tests. I was at several of these meetings, and they are trying to find a solution, but it’s hard. 

Speaking about the overall future of Ultra Europe festival, Bašić is optimistic: “As for the music industry, I think it will be proactive and will find the solution for the future. Music is an essential part of life, and people will always find ways to enjoy it. I think it’s important psychologically too. Younger people can’t wait to go out and socialize. Once music festivals get a green light to go, it will be one large show”, he concluded.

Source: Dalmacija Danas

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