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First edition of Remote festival to take place in February

Remote is the newest member of Croatian festivals, combining both real-world and virtual experiences. The festival is centered around Croatian artists, led by Elemental, Nipplepeople, ABOP and Chui.

The first edition of Remote, self-proclaimed as the festival of extended reality, will take place on Saturday and Sunday, 20th and 21st February. So far, eight bands confirmed the performances at Remote fest. COVID-19 pandemic is still preventing artists from performing before a live audience, which is why they had to come up with new, creative ideas. The newest solutions for live events will help the music scene, and musicians hope they will continue even after the pandemic. Therefore, Remote festival is the first step to creating a platform which will combine both in-person live events with virtual concerts. The organizers emphasize that the festival is not a supplement for live concerts, but a new experience expanding well over basic streaming. 

Festival as extended reality

The Extended Reality (XR) term means combining the real and virtual world into one environment. In the context of Croatian Remote festival, this means that live performances will be combined with high-quality video production. The sensors installed on cameras will enable synchronization of the real and virtual camera. Visual artists will have a large part in the project, as will light technicians and video editors. 

The festival will take place over two nights. On Saturday, 20th February 2021, several bands will take the stage; electro-pop band Nipplepeople, jazz quartet Chui, electronic music group ABOP and newcomers MI VIDA. On Sunday, 21st February 2021, one of the best Croatian hip hop bands Elemental will headline, along with punks Mašinko, noir-pop band Mixed Up Mary, and ELEVEN, a new solo techno project.

Festival tickets

The audience will be able to attend the shows virtually through the streaming platform Entrio. The organizer of the Remote festival is Elemental Art Organization, also known under the name 383records. The entire festival is partly sponsored by the Croatian Ministry of Culture. The festival tickets are on sale on Friday 22nd January. One day tickets start at 40 Kunas (5 Euros), while two-day events go for 60 Kunas (8 Euros).

Source: Dnevnik.hr

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